Fantek introduces LoadSense at Prolight + Sound

FANTEK has introduced its latest safety innovation: LoadSense, a fully mechanical load detection system. Designed to keep users informed about the amount of load they are handling on their towers, LoadSense promises to significantly reduce instances of overload, a common problem in the industry.

The TK6244 tower is the first to be equipped with the revolutionary LoadSense system and is also the first telescopic tower to meet all the requirements of the prEN17206-2 standard. This regulation establishes the need for an overload warning system in lifting towers, a key requirement that the TK6244 tower meets thanks to the LoadSense system.

LoadSense has been developed and patented by FANTEK’s engineering team, standing out as a completely mechanical system that does not require electronic components. This unique feature ensures that LoadSense is available for use 100% of the time, eliminating any potential electronic failure that could compromise the prevention and safety function for which it has been designed.

“We are proud to introduce the LoadSense system as an innovative and efficient solution for load detection in lifting towers. We believe that this invention will significantly improve the safety of using our products for users in the entertainment industry, while also complying with the new prEN17206-2 regulation,” said Jacob Garcia, Head of Development at FANTEK.

With the introduction of the LoadSense system and the TK6244 tower, FANTEK continues to establish itself as a leader in the lifting tower industry, offering cutting-edge and safety solutions to its customers worldwide.