Event Lighting on the Spiiders Web

Photo: Louise Stickland

Slovenia’s Event Lighting was the first company in the country to purchase Robe’s new Spiider LED wash beams following a trailblazing purchase of BMFL Blades last.

Event Lighting’s first batch of Spiiders went straight out on a number of projects and this was soon followed by a second order, so they now have 40 in stock. “Everyone loves a fat beam,” said Event Lighting’s owner Jernej Gustin.

The company wanted a latest generation LED wash fixture to pair with their growing inventory of Robe’s BMFL Blades. The Spiiders have the intensity to compliment the BMFLs perfectly, together with the individual pixel control plus the flower and other effects which make great eye candy and are ideal for Event Lighting’s raft of TV work.

The Spiiders went to work as soon as they were unpacked. They were used on the latest series of Dancing Stars show, the EMA Slovenia’s selection event for Eurovision 2017, and a rebranding event for SI Mobile, now A1, amongst many others.

Robe’s Slovenian distributor MK Light Sound provided some samples so Event Lighting’s team could evaluate thoroughly before committing to the large investment. The fixtures were taken to the TV studios where they conducted lots of tests. Everyone loved them and the order was placed immediately. MK’s Dean Karov had the perspicacity to pre-order a quantity, which enabled the units to be delivered quickly.

Event Lighting has invested steadily and regularly in Robe moving lights since launching in 2006 and now has over 400 of the latest fixtures in stock. Other recent purchases have included 24 BMFL Blades, PATT 2013s and more PARFect S1s. These join their existing stock of Pointes, MMX WashBeams, LEDWash 600s, LEDBeam 100s, CycFX 8s, PARfects and ROBIN 600E Spots.

For Jernej it’s a simple decision to stay with Robe. “We have the solid knowledge and experience of using the fixtures over the last 11 years, so we know the quality and reliability. We are extremely happy with the choice of fixtures and the way Robe is developing as a brand with its eye on innovation and producing unique products. It is really impressive”.

BMFL Blades – with the framing shutters – were chosen as they are ideally suited to theatre productions as well as TV and concerts, and the units are out working all the time which is great news from any rental company.

“There is nothing to rival the BMFL right now” Jernej commented. “The light output is amazing, you can put just about anything in the light path – colour, gobos, etc., and it’s still super-bright it’s an invaluable universal lighting tool!”

The Blade version of the BMFL was also selected as the most flexible for cross rental business. This is a big consideration in a country like Slovenia where Robe is currently the most popular moving light brand.

Most rock concerts need only between six and eight BMFL fixtures for a mindblowing show when playing an average sized venue, so having 24 gives plenty of latitude for servicing simultaneous projects. Additionally, they nicely match products like the MMX WashBeam.

The PATT 2013s were purchased for their aesthetics as much as their light output. They are ideal for TV and corporate work where they are both a great light source and excellent eye candy.
The latest PARFect S1s gives the choice of a premium LED PAR can in stock with an excellent light output that stands out in a sea of cheaper and less well made LED PAR products. “I like the optics and the beam angles made possible using different filters,” said Jernej, adding that they are also nicely compatible with the 70 odd LEDBeam 100s in the rental inventory.

Having added over 80 new Robe fixtures in the last year, Jernej is now looking at the just launched PARFect 150 and LEDBeam 150 with great interest.
The market in Slovenia is small and highly competitive, but Event Lighting is experiencing a healthy demand for premium equipment which underlines their commitment to providing only the best quality brands and service.

“I really think Robe is right at the top it its game at the moment” he concluded, adding that the superlative service and support from Slovenian distributor MK Sound Light is a big part of the equation and their loyalty to the brand.