ETS Pro Lighting acquires ROXX Cluster B2 FC LED blinders

Corona, California-based ETS Pro Lighting, which specializes in concert touring, professional lighting, and equipment rentals, has invested in 24 ROXX Cluster B2 FC LED audience blinder/strobe/wash fixtures. The purchase marks the first acquisition of ROXX lighting by ETS. ACT Entertainment is the exclusive distributor of ROXX products in North America.

“We’re always looking to buy innovative products, and the Cluster B2 FC caught our attention at LDI 2022,” says ETS Owner and President, Juan Alegria.

“The first thing we noticed was their very clever interlocking system, which means the lighting designers we supply and support can be really creative with different configurations of the product. We also saw how extremely well built and how robust they are – they’re really well made German technology that will stand up to touring. Most of these fixtures on the market are only Warm White with no option for full colour, so having that flexibility was great. And we didn’t know of a similar fixture that was any brighter.”

Alegria also liked the fixture’s low power draw and its IP65 rating. Alegria noted: “For companies like ETS, which do a lot of outdoor festivals, that’s really important. It’s essential not only for protection against the weather but also desert dust conditions. I know that an IP65-rated fixture will come back to me in the same shape as it left our warehouse.”

Developed and designed in Germany, the ROXX Cluster B2 FC LED blinder, strobe and wash matches the output of a conventional DWE blinder while consuming 60 percent less power and eliminating the need to install tungsten lamps. The B2 FC is a two-light individually adjustable pod in a full-colour version, which uses a Warm White LED in conjunction with RGB and Amber to produce the same traditional blinder effect while offering full colour mixing as well as tuneable white with high CRI. Pods are individually controllable for stunning pixel effects.

The fixture’s tool-free C-Lok Cluster system enables the lights to be easily and seamlessly connected both horizontally and vertically. Multiple configurations may be created from a single vertical line to massive matrix-like arrays.

Alegria reports that two days after hitting the shelves in late December 2022 the new ROXX Cluster B2 FCs were sub-rented to a one-off show that was looking for fixtures offering ROXX’s attributes. In January 2023 the fixtures started a five-week tour.

Alegria has already ordered a second batch of 24 ROXX Cluster B2 FCs for ETS and hopes they will arrive in time for a big Los Angeles EDM festival at the end of February. “We’ve done this festival for a few years and are excited about supplying the new ROXX fixtures for it,” Alegria concluded.