ES Broadcast Adds Panasonic PTZ Cameras to Hire Fleet

The Panasonic’s PTZ camera line-up has been recognised as an essential addition to ES Broadcast’s dry hire fleet, due to its industry-leading position in the market.

Panasonic’s PTZ cameras are being readily used for a wide array of productions that range from fixed-rig observational documentaries and live event capture, as well as e-sports and live streaming applications. This has made it a popular choice for ES Broadcast, which
aims to meet the rising demands of this market.

The newly-released AW-UE150 is the flagship 4K model within the already-established integrated PTZ range, having demonstrated Panasonic’s commitment to HDR recording capabilities as the first PTZ capable of 4K at 50p, offering HLC.BT.2020 support.

In addition, it offers the widest FOV of any remote camera on the market, with a unique crop-in function for pan and scan applications. Equally, Panasonic’s AW-HE130HD PTZ, is equipped with three 1⁄2.86-type MOS sensors and allows for high-grade filming in low light
conditions, with a superior S/N ratio and high resolution.

Edward Saunders, Group CEO of ES Broadcast, said, “We have seen significant growth in PTZ markets through our sales activities, and the increase in uptake, coupled with the technological advances that allow PTZ cameras to hold their own in the emerging UHD
landscape, meant this was the right time to add these cameras to our rental offering. The choice to use Panasonic was easy as they are the market leader in PTZs.”

“The UE150 is set to change the landscape of PTZ filming with its cutting-edge image quality and high level of usability,” said Nigel Wilkes, Group Manager at Panasonic. “We are extremely excited to have both the AW-UE150 and AW-HE130 be a part of ES Broadcast Hire’s rental fleet, and look forward to seeing how our technology can support both existing markets and new uses.”