Equinox Charter announces Rough Guide collaboration

Equinox Charter announced a collaboration with global travel authority, Rough Guides. 

Rough Guides will now offer bespoke travel companions for touring artists booking with Equinox, This collaboration established Equinox Charter as the first private charter company to offer localised insights as part of passengers’ flight briefs.

When booking tour transport through Equinox Charter, artists and their teams can receive a personalised Rough Guide along with their itinerary. This will come in both printed form, to peruse in flight, and a handy digital version for quick reference on the go.

Giovanni Manzella, Equinox Charter Operations Manager, said: “We’re delighted to work with the Rough Guides team on this unique and highly useful proposition. We pride ourselves on delivering added value and a service that goes above and beyond, so being able to offer personalised Rough Guides to make our clients’ tours more enjoyable is something we’re all pleased to be involved in.”

For live music touring clients, these bespoke guides are designed for the entire touring team. Packed with practical recommendations and insider tips for both the A and B party, they include custom recommendations to elevate the touring experience and make the most of any precious downtime.

Each guide offers artist and tour crews recommendations for making the most of each destination. Prepared for each tour stop, the guides feature varied suggestions such as local eateries, hidden music venues, record stores, fun activities, spas, secret vantage points, iconic landmarks and cultural experiences available nearby.

“This is a great idea. Any time-off on tour is to be enjoyed, so having an independent, bespoke reference guide is invaluable to minimise faffing about and maximise finding the good stuff. My only complaint is that no-one thought of this before.” Ade Bullock, Tour Director for Robbie Williams.

The customised Rough Guides will consider the specific preferences of artist and touring parties and the precise location of hotels on each tour stop, ensuring recommendations are interesting, location-specific and practical.

“Rough Guides are really excited about working with Equinox Charter on the creation of bespoke travel guides for their touring clients. Each guide features inspiring content in an easy-to-digest format, tailored to the individual needs and interests of Equinox clientele, so they can make the most of their visit – however long – and experience each destination in their own way,” said Rachel Lawrence, senior editor at Rough Guides.

The travel guide service is a new addition to a suite of extra benefits Equinox Charter is proud to offer. These include Equinox’s generous reward programme ‘Beyond’, the company’s innovative Sustainability Initiatives, and the assurance that comes from having ARGUS certification.

“The collaboration with Rough Guides to create customised touring companions demonstrates Equinox Charter’s commitment to delivering on added value. The company remains dedicated to setting the highest standards in safety and personalised service in the charter industry,” said Elliot Bottomley, Managing Director of Equinox Charter.