EQS Pro-Rent Upgrades Inventory with Elation

Pictured (l to r): Michiel de Loose (EQS Pro-Rent), Bert Schmeits (Elation), Wouter de Loose (EQS Pro-Rent)

Belgian rental company EQS Pro-Rent has recently taken delivery of Elation Professional’s new Artiste DaVinci LED moving head spot luminaire, as well as the company’s ACL 360 Matrix LED moving head panel.

Wouter de Loose, owner of EQS Pro-Rent, based in the town of Rijkevorsel, commented on the decision to add the fixtures to their rental inventory.
“We have worked with various Elation products for several years,” he said. “Last year we bought 16 units of the Rayzor Beam 2R, a narrow beam moving head that we are still very pleased with today. Due to our growth in the rental sector the past year, we have been looking for new devices to expand our range. We found the road to Elation very quickly.”

Together with Coen Criar of Elation partner Geronika and Bert Schmeits of Elation Professional, a comprehensive demo was undertaken of various Elation products. After a thorough look at EQS Pro-Rent’s needs, the 270-watt Artiste DaVinci and ACL 360 Matrix were chosen as best suited to add to EQS’s existing inventory.

“The Artiste DaVinci is equipped with all the necessary features for the pro user,” Loose said of the full-featured yet compact “theatrical grade” LED moving head spot. “We see the DaVinci as a multifunctional device that we can use on many of our jobs from parties to chic corporate events and with features like CMY and the animation wheel it will certainly be useful on larger events.”

For lighting designers looking to be inspired, the Artiste DaVinci provides limitless options for creative lighting. It delivers an output of over 12,000 lumens, comparable to 700W discharge lamp fixtures, yet it does not require lamp replacements. The first fixture in Elation’s new Artiste series, the DaVinci offers full CMY colour mixing seven dichroic colours, CTB and CTO, two gobo wheels, zoom, prisms, and a full 360-degree bi-directional animation system.

“Because of the fact that the DaVinci houses an LED-based engine and therefore we will be saving on lamps, etc., we were willing to spend just a little more,” Loose said as another reason for going with the fixture. “In short, it is the ideal choice for our company.”

The DaVinci units were bought in combination with ACL 360 Matrix fixtures, a flexible LED moving head panel that can be used for punches of colour, mid-air looks or eye candy and are great for pixel mapping effects. Using 25 individual 15W RGBW LEDs and with a tight 4-degree beam from each lens, the fixture’s continuous 360-degree movement and individual pixel control make a variety of dynamic effects possible.

“It is an effect that allows you to work very extensively in numerous locations,” Loose says. “These devices in conjunction with our Rayzor Beams allow us to run larger shows or even different shows at once.” Loose concluded by saying that he sees Elation as an ideal partner for further cooperation in the future.