eps Offer GIGS barriers in New Zealand

eps Australia has announced the growth of its New Zealand network with the release a range of GIGS G3 Barriers, available in summer 2018.

Over 320 different barricades were shipped to New Zealand to meet the demand, with the products available for rental by contacting the eps Head Office in Southport. Andrew Stone, Managing Director of eps australia, commented: “With an increase of shows in New Zealand over the recent years, eps australia, in conjunction with several clients, now offer our world class GIGS stage barriers in New Zealand. This means better service to our clients both old and new right across the Globe but particularly in New Zealand between December 2017 and March 2018.”

The stock of Straight and Corner GIGS, Special Elements, Cable Gates and Emergency Gates strengthens eps’ ability to support world tours with local resources, while also making it easy for festivals and concerts in the region to hire the range of barriers.

GIGS products have a sturdy, modular design. Standard units can be bolted together or combined with GIGS security gates, as well as specialised elements to accommodate unusual stage configurations and cable runs.

The new GIGS G3 Barriers are made of aluminum and colored black. This product line has already been used during Adele’s 2017 tour. For the upcoming season, eps will install the crowd control barriers at Paul McCartney’s concert in the Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland on 16 December 2017.