EPS & NEXO at Truck Festival

Oxford’s Event Production Services have been a fixture at Truck Festival for the past 15 years, in 2023 providing sound and lighting for five of the eight stages.  For the second year running sound systems in these spaces were entirely based around NEXO products, from the GEO, P+ and ID series, with control surfaces from Yamaha.

Highlights included This Feeling and Rockin’ Chair stages, which both utilised NEXO GEO M1210 and MSUB18 with cardioid subwoofers; and The Tap Room, with system of NEXO GEO M620 and MSUB18.  All systems were ground stacked but still offered coverage and audio level across the spaces, with all the M12 systems running in active mode. ID24s were positioned as stage lip fills for Rockin’ Chair and This Feeling.

Robert Nisbet, Managing Director of EPS, reported operation from the NEXO systems.  “Having bought into NEXO in large quantities over the past five years, our team are experienced in the deployment of their systems.  The integral rigging systems make both flying and ground stacking simple and quick, and sonically they sound stunning and consistent across all the range.”

Amplification for all stages was provided by NEXO NXAMPs. Monitor systems were NEXO P12 throughout, with a pair of IDS110s utilised as drum fill sub.

Production Manager for Truck Festival, James Phillips of Method Events, has experienced NEXO at Truck before: “2023 was the second year NEXO systems were in use across their stages at Truck to great effect and they sound great supporting everything from comedy and spoken word all the way through to indie punk bands and late night DJs. The capability of the systems combined with the experienced team make EPS and NEXO an easy choice for us.”