ENCIRCLED grows to meet global demand

Max Röhrbein

ENCIRCLED audio.solutions announced an expansion of its global footprint to meet rising demand for innovative audio products and projects worldwide.

As the official licensee of the IOSONO technology from Barco, ENCIRCLED audio.solutions distributes all IOSONO hardware and software products throughout Europe and is looking to grow its international partner network which is already established in China, Korea, USA, Australia and South Africa.

ENCIRCLED’s team have supported dozens of projects with consulting, planning, simulation, commissioning and execution of 3D sound and immersive audio systems.

Max Röhrbein, joint managing director commented, “The appetite among audiences for thrilling, entertaining and inspiring multi-sensory audio experiences has never been greater and we are witnessing this in every part of the world, for venues indoors and out, spanning every vertical from theme parks and museums to live events, concerts, retail, hospitality and corporate branding. Our goal is to find the best solutions in close relationship with our partners for practical and innovative spatial audio systems across the entire life of a project from concept to realization. Involving the ENCIRCLED team in planning and commissioning means we can assure the highest quality solution.”

Technology solutions include a Spatial Audio Processor with fully integrated IOSONO inside software by the ENCIRCLED company for rendering of object-based immersive content to virtually any loudspeaker layout. The Spatial Audio Processor comes with remote-control capabilities and synchronisation with other technology, guaranteeing a smooth integration into show control systems. The Spatial Audio Workstation plugin, a production tool for the creation of immersive audio content. The distribution of Barco’s Anymix Pro plugin, a flexible audio processing tool that converts any audio source into any output from mono to 8.1.

IOSONO is a mature solution with over 100 systems deployed globally for clients demanding audio rendering quality.

Jan Langhammer, joint managing director added, “ENCIRCLED offers extended service capabilities by partnering with creative, integration and technical leaders to develop features, customise interfaces and find the very best solutions for every audio related requirement in your project. Our engineers have more than 20 years of experience in audio technology and thrive on challenging tasks. Demand for acoustic excellence has never been higher which is why we are looking to empower partners to elevate their media experiences to another level.”

IOSONO’s patented wave field synthesis was first devised in the 1980’s by researchers in the Netherlands and further developed at the renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Germany then later at Belgium pro AV company Barco. ENCIRCLED is founded and led by former members of the professional audio unit at Barco.

Röhrbein commented, “The ENCIRCLED DNA makes us unique. We deliver continuing support and development for a mature spatial audio rendering solution with a proven record of hundreds of incredible immersive systems which entertain audiences in shared loudspeaker-based experiences around the world.” Langhammer added, “To push the technology further we are always looking into the development of the IOSONO software. Together with the Barco Audio development team we have implemented several new features and improvements for potential interactive applications, content compatibility with other popular object-based formats and general object control from external devices, such as tracking and mobile applications.”