Elite Multimedia Supplies David Nail Tour

Elite Multimedia has supplied the latest David Nail tour with gear and support, as the American country artist plays songs from his latest album Fighter to audiences across the US.

The production features lighting design and a unique playback system created by Cour Design.

“This will be our second tour with David and his shows are really focused on the music and the storytelling of his life,” said LD Gordon Droitcour. “To make sure we are supporting him best as an artist, the lighting design has to be dynamic for both high and low impact moments, but it also has to be more about being ‘felt’ rather than ‘seen’ so the audience can focus on the lyrical content.

“Working with Elite Multimedia, they have not only provided us with the proper tools needed, but they have also provided the touring support needed to make the design a success.”

With the design parameters in place, Droitcour got work with Elite Multimedia to select the lighting fixtures needed to create the comprehensive lighting design, which includes Clay Paky Sharpy, Elation CuePix and Chauvet COLORdash luminaires, while also keeping the logistical challenges of the tour in mind.

Once the fixtures were chosen, Droitcour began the programming phase of the lighting design. Knowing the tour would not be traveling with a large production crew, he used the unique Cour Design lighting control system to give both the production and the fans a breadth of options at each tour stop.

“Most the bands we support travel with our automated lighting control technology and we pride ourselves in designing rigs that are self-contained for bands to carry great visuals on a budget,” explained Droitcour. “Once we have the design in place, we will pre-program all of the songs the artist might like to play on tour so that at any time they have the design for that specific song ready to go. Then we provide an intuitive lighting cue sheet for the house lighting engineers to follow along with the programming to make sure the show is the best it can be each night.”