Elite Multimedia Invests in Claypaky and MA

Elite Multimedia Productions, event production and planning company based in Nashville, has expanded its inventory for lighting design with large purchases of Claypaky Scenius Unico and Mythos2 fixtures as well as MA Lighting grandMA2 consoles. Both brands are exclusively distributed in North America by ACT Lighting.

“Both Scenius Unico and Mythos2 define their class in hybrid fixtures, and their colour saturation is stellar,” stated Jason ‘Cannonball’ Jenkins, Elite’s Director of Operations. “Scenius Unico is one of the best fixtures I have ever seen. It has amazing optics and great horsepower. Up against its closest competitor, the colour saturation is top of its class and decimates most other fixtures. Mythos2 is a workhorse that has an amazing range of features and functions. My personal favorite aspect of Mythos has always been the large aperture chunky glass that adds a layer of eye candy and some additional depth to a design.”

Jenkins noted: “We love having multipurpose fixtures that can handle several functions without varying the fixture types too awfully much. We can build lighting systems out of these fixtures, and they can run the gamut: spot, wash, beam. Fixtures like these help me universalise a fleet and don’t require me to have so many types of lights. That helps me streamline a lot of other aspects, too, including repairs, parts and training.”

Elite also invested in a MA Lighting grandMA2 full-size console, a grandMA2 light, 3 NPUs, 4 8-port nodes and 2 4-port nodes. “There is really not much to say about the entire MA2 line,” commented Jenkins. “It is the industry standard for lighting control, and I never hesitate when our clients request MA products.”

Jenkins added: “ACT Lighting, Doug Mekanik and Brian Dowd always give us some of the best treatment and service in the industry. They listen to our needs, both operationally and financially, and work with us as a production house to make the experience great for our clients.  The best part is that I would truly consider the ACT Lighting guys friends first and business partners second.”

He concluded: “Some distributors have an issue focusing on what they need out of a dealer versus what the dealer needs from them, I have never experienced that with ACT Lighting.  If we have a problem, they listen and will do just about anything to help us get to whatever solution the client requires. They have gone above and beyond, and that puts them on a very short list of preferred vendors.”