Eliminator Lighting introduces the new Vortex barrel scanner

Designed to get any party started with a blaze of colour and movement, Eliminator Lighting’s Vortex is a compact and lightweight entertainment lighting fixture that offers an impressive output. Combining a potent GOBO flower effect with a rotating mirror barrel, it generates a myriad of sharp pattern projections that together produce a room-filling effect. It is ideal both for permanent installation in all kinds of entertainment venues as well as for use by mobile entertainers and performers.

At the heart of the Vortex is an extremely efficient 80W white light LED engine, which is positioned behind a combined colour and GOBO wheel. This offers a selection of 10 colour and GOBO pairings – including open white, a beam reducer and a multicoloured pattern – which have been carefully selected for generating both stunning aerial beam effects and intricate surface pattern projections. A manual focus knob is located on the rear of the fixture, which can be used to ensure sharp GOBOs at variable projection distances.

Inside the unit, the light from the LED engine is directed through the color/GOBO wheel onto a bi-directional rotating mirror dish, which multiplies the single 5-degree beam. Finally, the multiple GOBO patterns generated by the mirror dish are reflected from the external rotating mirror barrel to output a myriad of animated beams. In addition to continuous 360-degree rotation, the mirror barrel can also pan through 180-degrees, which allows the fixture’s beams to truly fill an entire room.

Through varying the rotation speed of both the internal mirror dish and external mirror barrel, a wide variety of effects can be created. These range from slow subtle looks, ideal for the first dance at a wedding, through to high impact, rapidly moving effects that can be used to accompany the fastest EDM or rock music. This makes the fixture perfect for use by mobile DJs, entertainers, duos, bands, and other performers. It is also ideally suited to installation in a wide variety of venues, including bars, lounges, small nightclubs, entertainment centers, roller rinks, bowling alleys and recreation centers, which require wide coverage from a compact fixture.

Further variety in the effects that can be created by the Vortex is provided through the unit’s digital light source. The LED engine offers smooth dimming – with customizable mode, curve and speed – as well as variable speed strobing effects. The GOBO wheel also provides a shake function, which can be applied to any of the 10 pattern options at variable speed.

The Vortex offers a choice of operational modes, further adding to the fixture’s flexibility. For a simple ‘set it and forget it’ effect, the unit is supplied pre-programmed with a choice of six built-in shows. These can be easily selected using the menu display on the rear of the fixture and set to run at a speed of the user’s choice. Alternatively, the sound active mode can be used so that the unit’s internal microphone sets the speed dynamically to synchronize the fixture’s effects to the beat of the music.

Should a specific look be required when a DMX control system is not available, the menu system can be used to set pan, tilt (barrel rotation), GOBO, mirror dish rotation, strobe and dimmer settings using the ‘Manual’ mode. Finally, full DMX control over all the fixture’s functions is also possible, allowing the Vortex to be integrated into a larger lighting system. A choice of two DMX channel modes is offered, a basic 10-channel option and an advanced 12-channel mode, which adds the ability to remotely configure the dimming mode, speed, and curve. The fixture also supports the RDM protocol, which allows the fixture’s DMX address and other operating parameters to be set remotely from a compatible DMX control solution.

The Vortex has a visually striking molded plastic outer shell, with compact dimensions of 312 by 282 by 157mm (L by W byH). At 7.1 lbs. / 3.2Kg, it is also lightweight, making it easy to store, transport and setup. A robust mounting bracket is located on the rear of the fixture, which locks securely into place using a pair of thumb-tightening screws. This has a 180-degree range and can be used either to mount the unit to the top of a tripod or to attach a clamp to allow it to hang from a truss or T-bar.

“A small fixture that packs a big punch, the new Vortex from Eliminator is a versatile multi moonflower effect that offers incredible value for money,” commented Albert Paredes, Product Manager for Eliminator Lighting. “This affordable fixture will fill an entire room with vibrant colours, sharp GOBO projections and razor-sharp aerial effects, offering everything from slow and subtle looks to intense barrages of beams, depending on the chosen motor speeds. This makes it ideal for mobile entertainers as well permanent installation in venues looking for a flexible fixture capable of creating a room-filling lightshow.”