Elation unveils ColourTune Technology

Elation introduced ColourTune Technology, a lighting fixture software that allows for control over output and colour accuracy across Elation’s range of full-spectrum LED lighting fixtures.

With ColourTune, users can customise lighting output to meet their exact needs, whether emphasising brightness or colour fidelity.

Bob Mentele, Associate Product Manager at Elation, was instrumental in ColourTune’s development. He remarked, “Our team has dedicated over a year to research, development, and testing to bring ColourTune Technology to life. This advanced software represents a significant advancement in lighting control and precision and will be a great benefit to the designer who seeks to maximise the potential of our full-spectrum LED products, including fixtures already in the market.”

Mentele added, “Designers have been asking for greater colour fidelity and more options in colour and CCT control, and ColourTune is the result of that feedback. We’re committed to providing ever greater quality and performance and ColourTune is a great example of how we continually improve upon and support our products, even if they were purchased years ago.”

ColourTune, which can be activated or disabled as needed saves time when colour uniformity across multiple fixtures is a must. ColourTune is available now on select Elation fixtures, including the Fuze Teatro, KL PAR FC, KL PAR FC IP, and SŌL I Blinder, and will be implemented into all new full-spectrum fixtures moving forward. Updates for current Fuze and KL fixtures are currently in progress, ensuring that existing customers can benefit from this technology.