Elation Proteus Hybrid IP65 Moving Head Now Available

Elation Professional is pleased to offer the second luminaire in the Proteus series of IP-rated, discharge-lamp moving head lights — Proteus Hybrid. Now available to the market, the 3-in-1 hybrid moving head is an LDI Best Debuting Product Award winner along with the recently released Proteus Beam.

The Proteus Hybrid is a professional moving head luminaire with spot, beam, and wash modes and the power and features to bring ideas to light. Engineered specifically to empower designer creativity, Proteus moving heads are high-performance, next-level intelligent lighting solutions designed to excel under varying weather conditions.

Featuring a sophisticated yet pragmatic design, the Proteus Hybrid gives designers the freedom to utilise the latest technology at any event, indoors or out. Compact, robust and budget friendly, Elation’s first ever IP-rated discharge-lamp moving head series provides solutions to real industry needs.

Outdoor events bring their own set of logistical challenges and with Proteus Elation have eliminated the need for costly shrouds and weatherproof coverings while doing away with the compromise that often comes with using IP-rated LED units. Featuring a rugged, multi-environmental IP65 design, the Proteus Hybrid also houses an innovative internal thermal cooling system that keeps the fixture cool even under extreme conditions.

Along with the ruggedness to withstand the elements, the Proteus Hybrid is a versatile luminaire that does not compromise on features. Using the new Philips 21R 470W lamp and housing an advanced optical system with autofocus, the fixture produces a bright beam that can zoom from 3.0° – 40° in spot mode, 2.0° to 30° in beam mode, and 8.0° to 55° in wash mode. The Proteus Hybrid’s beam can be manipulated via 8-facet and 6-way linear rotating prisms.

Colour design features include full CMY colour mixing plus CTO colour mixing for greater colour temperature control. A 14-slot dichroic colour wheel has been added for even greater colour choice. Eight rotating replaceable gobos and 14 static-fixed gobos provide for a host of graphic effects while a full animation system offers even greater design possibilities.

The full 360-degree bi-directional animation effect wheel brings graphics to life, allowing for the creation of dramatic animated effects such as undulating waves, rising flames, driving rain, drifting clouds, foliage, and more. The Proteus Hybrid features a superior interface with control support from DMX, Art-Net, sACN and RDM protocols and internal program macros are included for quick programming. Elation’s internal E-FLY wireless DMX transceiver is also included for quicker setups with less cable mess.

Proteus is another example of Elation’s mission to offer the best value:performance ratio fixtures on the market. Designed to unleash a designer’s creative vision, Proteus fixtures are built for visionary lighting designers who refuse to compromise, allowing their vision to be unbound by the elements.