Elation IP65 Illuminates Boston’s HUBweek

Entertainment solutions company High Output utilised weather-proof Elation Professional Proteus, Paladin, SixPar and SixBar lighting fixtures for expanded civic festival event.

The 2017 HUBweek event witnessed entertainment solutions company High Output decorate Boston’s City Hall Plaza in colour and effects using Elation Professional IP65-rated lighting, a boost of eye-catching appeal for the festival’s new, centralised format.

A type of festival of ideas, HUBweek’s goal is to support the unique environment of innovation in the Boston area and serve as a platform to spark new ideas that could improve the human condition. With over 200 speakers, 150 events and 130 artists, it also provides innovators access to many of the creative firms and individuals who drive our innovation economy.

“This was the first year where the event has been at this magnitude,” said High Output’s Graham Edmondson, who served as lighting designer on the project. “Part of the increased focus was to highlight and draw attention to the new, central area. We lit the geodesic domes, entry way, shipping containers and site lighting using all IP65-rated Elation lights.”

All of the lighting on the geodesic domes was done using Elation Paladin hybrid lights and SixPar 200 IP LED Par lights. Jim Hirsch at High Output was shown the Paladin by Elation sales rep Gary Fallon and was impressed enough to purchase the strobe/blinder/wash lights. “The Paladin is super bright and has a great zoom range,” Graham says of the versatile hybrid LED luminaire, which can be used as a high-output wash light. “It was key to getting colour on the domes from all sides as the domes were visible from 360 degrees.”

The Paladin’s power comes from 24 40W RGBW LEDs and the IP65-rated fixture also includes a motorised zoom for greater beam control. The fixtures worked from 3 central truss structures with others mounted atop shipping containers, a convenient place to light from according to Graham. Mounted in similar positions, fully weatherproof SixPar 200 IP Par lights with 12 6-colour LED multi-chips worked with the Paladins to light the domes in a variety of shades, color matching well with the Paladins, Edmonson said.

Over an entry way arch made of stacks of shipping containers and on central trusses were 6 Proteus Hybrid and three Proteus Beam fixtures, Elation’s award-winning IP65-rated moving heads that Gary Fallon also introduced to High Output.

The Proteus Beams, powerful 2-degree beam lights with a 14R 280W lamp, were used for an attraction-getting skytracker type effect that could be seen from across the city. Area lighting within the site was done using 30 SixBar 1000 IPs, 1-metre long colour-changing battens with 6-colour LED multi-chips. Mounted on pipe goal posts on the shipping containers, the SixBar 1000 IP’s were used for walkway and site lighting.

“Everything was IP and held up well,” Edmondson said. “It rained for 2 days during load in and then the fixtures were outside for an additional 5 days after that but we had no problems.”