Elation Colours Main Stage at Eclectic KAABOO Music Festival

ELP LED-based Platinum 1200 Wash - KAABOO festival, San Diego

Elation Professional Lighting (ELP) is proud to have been featured again at San Diego music festival KAABOO, after Lighting Designers, Chris Lisle and Erik Parker used ELP LED-based Platinum 1200 Wash to light on the main Sunset Cliffs stage. Which saw headlining acts including; Foo Fighters, Imagine Dragons, and Katy Perry.

Lisle and Parker used 12 of the high-power Platinum 1200 Wash fixtures – each housing 19  65W LEDs with wide zoom – spread out across the mid-stage and upstage trusses primarily for general stage wash. “It’s hard to compete with the sun of course, but even during daylight they were able to lay some base colour and show up on the camera and IMAG shots.” said Lisle. “We loved their overall intensity. In a rig full of a lot of horsepower they held their own and were great at driving down some base colour.”

Only in its fourth year, KAABOO festival appeals to a broad audience and is growing in success. The lighting supply for the September 2018 festival was by production company Solotech, who Lisle said did a good job on site with a solid crew.

Meanwhile, on the Trestles Stage, bands like The Zombies, Tower of Power, Blondie, and The English Beat played popular sets with multifunctional Elation Paladin LED effect lights exploited for a variety of looks. During the daytime hours, this stage held many performances so the designers wanted a fixture that would provide eye-candy as well as the brightness to pop. Placed along the down, mid and upstage trusses were 16 Paladin effects whose hybrid ability as a blinder, strobe, wash or eye candy effect made them a versatile choice when a host of bands needed to be lit across a busy three-day schedule.

“Due to their location, the programmer on that stage did a good job of using them for all of the above,” Lisle said. “They did a great job in blasting out colour across the audience and for general effects.”

Lisle and Parker have been involved with KAABOO since it began and are very enthusiastic about the EPL fixtures. Parker said “I really dig both fixtures. The Platinum 1200s were the main colour wash on the main Sunset Cliffs stage and they rocked it. And the Paladins, which I’ve used several times before for various purposes, were true as a bright, reliable and dynamic effect.”