EAW Expands with RSX218


Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW) announced the debut of the RSX218, a dual 18-inch subwoofer that has joined the Radius family of loudspeakers.

Similar to other Radius loudspeakers, the RSX218 is designed for both portable and permanent installation applications, which includes 8-inch and 12-inch 2-way point source loudspeakers available in 2 horn patterns, a double 8-inch articulated line array, a single 12-inch coaxial stage monitor and single 12-inch, 18-inch and now dual 18-inch subwoofer models.

Louie King, Marketing and Communications Manager at Eastern Acoustic Works, said: “The new RSX218 adds tremendous low-frequency output and punch to the Radius family while still including all of the family’s signature features and benefits. The Radius Series has been extremely well received since its debut last year. The addition of the RSX218 is ideal not only for live sound applications like festivals and clubs, but also for fixed installs in auditoriums, churches and performance venues.”

The powered subwoofer features EAW’s signature acoustical design and technologies like EAW Focusing and DynO while integrating Dante networking and iOS-based prediction, control and monitoring via EAWmosiac. Convenient push-button cardioid operation provides directivity to reduce excess low-frequency energy on stage. With half space peak output of 141 dB, the RSX218 provides 7dB more output than the single-18 RSX18 but in a very compact footprint, which translates into less equipment for larger shows, saving companies on cost and truck space.

The all-wood enclosure with EAW Roadcoat finish is loaded with two high-power 3-inch voice coil 18-inch woofers powered by 1400W of on-board amplification. The RSX218 combines optimised acoustic, electro-acoustic (transducer) and electronic (DSP) solutions to provide an extremely efficient system. This efficiency allows it to draw significantly less current than other subwoofers, allowing smaller AC services to be used without sacrificing power.

“The RSX218 is extremely robust and can take a high degree of abuse even in extreme bass-heavy situations,” concluded King. “Advances in acoustic design and core technologies like DynO have allowed us to push the limits that one would expect from a compact, dual 18-inch subwoofer. It’s another component of the RADIUS family that makes it ideal for live and installed sound applications that require flexible sound reinforcement solutions.”