Dynamic Productions Joins VUE Line Array Partner Network

Dynamic main stage, VUE al-Class line arrays

Citing growing market demand for the brand, Dynamic Productions recently joined the VUE family with the purchase of a suite of VUE Acoustic Linearity Line Array systems.

Among the new additions were VUE al-12, VUE al-8, and al-4 Acoustic Linearity line array systems, VUE hs-221 Infrasonic ACM subwoofers, and  VUE Drive Systems Engines and h-Class high definition systems.

“Our productions are extremely diverse, and VUE systems are very versatile,” explained Dynamic Productions’ President, Brian Rosenblum. “With a single inventory, we can mix different elements to address a wide variety of jobs, while being fully confident that the voicing will always be consistent. Plus, and perhaps more importantly, we’re seeing VUE listed on more riders every day. We really feel like al-Class arrays are the next big thing in sound reinforcement and we want to be in front of that—especially as we look to expand into more concert and festival work.”

For their first outing since taking delivery of the VUE systems in November 2018, Dynamic Productions recently deployed VUE al-Class line arrays for Pharrell Williams at Art Basel in Miami, followed by a Bret Michaels show at Resorts World Catskills in Monticello New York.

“The clarity is incredible,” said Rosenblum. “Anyone with a decent ear will instantly hear that the VUE is equal to or better than all of the top names out there. VUE’s Training and support are equally impressive – practical and really comprehensive. VUE had my team up to speed in no time.”

Next on the schedule for their new VUE systems is the Super Bowl 2019 Fan Fest in Atlanta, followed by Model Volleyball in South Beach, and the 2019 Harlem Wine and Food Festival.

“Dynamic Productions’ expertise, breadth, and undeniable creative acumen align perfectly with VUE’s mission to push beyond the status quo by offering cutting-edge solutions that ‘wow’ our customers and open up new business opportunities,” explained VUE Founder and CEO Ken Berger. “I’m thrilled to welcome Dynamic Productions to the VUE family. Together we will empower brands and inspire customers while dramatically expanding VUE’s footprint in the critical Metro NY tri-state area.”