DWR Support Team to Train at MA Lighting

Bruce Riley, Gareth Chambers and Jannie de Jager

DWR Distribution’s Gareth Chambers and Jannie de Jager will be travelling to MA Lighting in Paderborn, Germany, for a training week hosted in February which will include MA Networking and the MA Network Switch, Fixture Library tips and tricks, grandMA2 Macros, VPU and MA3D with real world examples of getting the most out of these products, and product management and software development.

Technical backing and service is one of the main priorities at DWR. The training will enable Chambers and de Jager, along with Bruce Riley who is head of technical, to continue to provide product support and training.

“I am feeling confident and enjoy the challenge of being able to help the guys in the industry with service and support,” commented Chambers. “It’s nice to have the responsibility of being the first point of contact and I’m up for the task. MA is constantly evolving which means there is never stagnation and always something new.”

New to DWR is de Jager, who joined the company a few months ago and has been shadowing the technical support team, his knowledge and willing temperament earning him respect within a short period. Through a friend he was introduced to the entrainment industry and was offered a position at Prosound, where he started working at the company’s rental division which was in operation at the time, then moving into sales where he was an ETC representative.