Dropkick Murphy’s Rely on Chauvet

Dropkick Murphys fires are burning as brightly as ever, courtesy of a Cody James designed lightshow that featured Chauvet Professional Maverick and Rogue fixtures supplied by JDI Productions.

“There’s a great amount of energy on this tour. Neither band ever takes its foot off the pedal, so our goal is to create a continuous flow of punchy looks for two 90-minute sets. The Maverick Hybrids are my go-to fixture for this tour. I begged for them. Their power is first and foremost what stands out. I can use them as abeam that cuts through the stage at 3 pm, and then as a wash and great back light at 9 pm,” James explained.

To expand the looks of his show and accommodate the wide variety of stage sizes and configurations on the tour, James and the JDI team added six custom light carts to their rig. Each cart has a Maverick MK1 on top and at least 1 Rogue R1 FX-B positioned at various heights on its side, with 8 Rouges in the rig in total.

“Generally, we position the carts across the upstage deck, making a straight row with the Mavericks about 8-feet high, directly below the video wall,” James commented. “The output of the Mavericks certainly stands up to the video wall. The CMY feature of the Mavericks is great, and we’re able to coordinate its colours with the video wall’s output.”

The Rogue FX-B units on the carts filled out the floor behind the rig’s 4 set pieces. At other times, they were directed upward and used as aerial washes. “I love the power and punch of the FX-Bs,” said James. “They give me a wide coverage area and create a glowing wash over the bands.”

Having a powerful array of fixtures on the custom carts balances the light from the beams, washes and strobes flown on upstage and downstage truss. Aside from creating a greater sense of depth on stage, hitting the artists and audience with light from different levels magnifies the intensity at this hard-driving punk show. James concluded: “We’re able to create a lot of immersive looks, which fits what the bands are all about,” said James. “I am really thrilled with this rig, and lucky to be on this tour. Thanks to Derek Iorfida and Freddy Thompson from JDI for giving me this chance and to Bill and Brady from Rainbow Production Services for taking care of things.”