dLive on Tour with Golec Orchestra

One of Poland’s most famous bands, Golec Orchestra, recently staged six concerts in the biggest halls across the country, travelling with two dLive S Class mixing system from Allen & Heath.

Rented from Konsbud Audio, the systems comprised two DM64 MixRacks with a S3000 at FOH for engineer, Damian Kubacki, and a S5000 for monitors, with engineer, Michal Mika.

”dLive is a great board. The huge capabilities of the system, and the number of available inputs and outputs allows you to manage really big artist events,” explained Michal Mika. The ability to use a large number of built-in FX and dynamic processors eliminates extra outboard gear for wedge and in-ear monitoring, and the control surface is designed with great thought, and I am convinced that after two or three concerts, every engineer can use dLive without any problems. Finally, the number of expansion cards available allows for seamless transmission of signals in many digital audio formats.”