DJ BoBo Journeys Through Time with GLP GT-1

Photo: Ralph Larmann

From April 2017 Swiss DJ BoBo is set to embark on his Mystorial European tour which will mark the artist’s 25th anniversary.

The tour already hand it’s world premiere during a two-week opener at the vast Europa-Park amusement park in south-west Germany, where a new arena has been built specially to host the production.

TV and industrial lighting specialist, Thomas Gerdon of Gerdon design, was responsible for the lighting in conjunction with his partner Thomas Dietze, who has worked with DJ BoBo for nearly 25 years as his touring LD. Together they chose 65 of GLP’s true hybrid GT-1 fixtures for the production.

Mystorial is a flashy musical-style journey through time, incorporating Euro Dance disco, with huge projection mapping, pyro and impact stage effects.

In the production, GT-1 washes on ladders face inwards from the wings, with others set on the back, mid and front trusses — some for washes, some for gobo animation — with the remainder on the floor. For big moments, they produce a complete white-out.

Run from a MA Lighting grandMA2 control platform, the show file contains no fewer than 1482 cues.