DGTL Comes Alive with Funktion-One Set-Ups from Think! AV

Photo: Tom Doms

DGTL Festival took place at Amsterdam’s NDSM Docklands on 15th-16th of April and featured a huge stock of Funktion-One loudspeakers. The site, which is a short ferry journey from Amsterdam Central train station, welcomed around 15,000 partygoers for two days of electronic music.

The event prides itself on balanced programming. While other festivals hinge on large-draw headliners, DGTL combines those big names with local and international emerging talents. This year’s programme saw standout performances from the likes of Maceo Plex, Jamie Jones, Tom Trago (live), Jennifer Cardini, DJ Koze, and Joy Orbison back-to-back with George Fitzgerald.

Such a strong focus on the musical output meant that there was also a big emphasis on the quality of the sound production. The organisers drafted in Think! AV to deliver Funktion-One loudspeaker set-ups for five of DGTL’s six areas.

DGTL’s Chris van Meer said: “At DGTL Festival we want to provide our audience with the best experience a festival can offer. By working with Think AV and Funktion-One, we know that we have a trustworthy supplier and top class sound systems.”

Area 1 (Modular) was home to a Vero system, featuring left and right hangs of two Vero V60 60-degree mid-high enclosures, three Vero V90 90-degree mid-high enclosures and three Vero V315 mid-bass enclosures. These flown linear arrays were teamed with 12 ground-stacked Vero V221 double 21in bass speakers. Two more Vero V90s and four Evo 7SH skeletal speakers were deployed as delays and infill. Onstage, the DJs were treated to a Funktion-One PSM318 monitor set-up.

Think! AV’s Remco van der Werff commented: “Following our purchase of the Vero system in April, we were pleased to give it its first outing at such a great event. Promoters and audiences love how impactful it sounds and it’s very easy to handle from a production point of view. We’re looking forward to many more people experiencing the Vero sound at a number of events we’re doing this summer.”

The main PA in Area 3 (Filter) featured 12-stacked Funktion-One Resolution 5 Touring loudspeakers, and 14 Funktion-One F218 bass enclosures, together with a Resolution 2 SH delay system. The monitor package here comprised Funktion-One PSM12s and BR118 bass reflex speakers.

A 12-piece Resolution 5 Touring set-up was also deployed in Area 4 (Frequency), with four Resolution 4 Touring for delays. Here, eight Vero V221s supplied the low-end response. Four Funktion-One Resolution 2 speakers made sure the VIP area was well covered. Again, One PSM12s and BR118s were used for monitoring.

For Area 5 (AMP by Mosaic), Think! AV opted for a cutting-edge Evo set-up. It featured six Evo 7T full-range loudspeakers, six Evo 7TH mid-high speakers and six Evo 7TL-215 mid-bass speakers. Both the Evo 7TH and the Evo 7TL-215 are brand new additions to the company’s rental stock, following their launch at Prolight + Sound 2017 last month. A total of 12 Vero V221 double 21in bass enclosures made sure there was plenty of power in the low frequencies. Four Evo 6EH loudspeakers and two F215 bass enclosures were deployed for infill and a PSM318 DJ monitor set-up was used. Area 5’s VIP area was covered by four Resolution 2s and four F1201 speakers.

Area 6 (Gain by Resident Advisor) featured two Funktion-One Dance Stacks together with Resolution 2s and F218s for four-point fill.

van der Werff said: “At Think! AV we believe that the quality of our rental stock and the service we provide to each customer is very important. Being adaptable is very important for answering the needs of all our customers. Adding Evo 7THs and Evo TL-215s means we can be very flexible with our Evo configurations, so more customers can have the latest Funktion-One technology in configurations that are exactly right for their venue or site.”