d&b group unveils SustainSymphony

d&b group announced the launch of SustainSymphony, a cloud-based sustainability management software service. This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is uniquely tailored to the dynamic landscape of the global live event industry. SustainSymphony is committed to accessibility: the basic version will be offered free of charge, putting sustainable event management within reach of everyone, regardless of organisation size or experience.

d&b SustainSymphony is a user-friendly platform with an interface that guides users through a variety of options. Organisers can create accounts based on their specific role.  The adaptability ensured that the platform serves a wide range of stakeholders within the live event ecosystem.

At the heart of SustainSymphony is a comprehensive database designed as an event checklist. Suppliers and service providers are able to store their products and services on the cloud server so that other users can find their offerings when searching for sustainable suppliers.

Users can enter their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) data for their events, services, and venues, enabling them to calculate and improve sustainability measures for future events. Venues have the option to add their annual sustainability data to the platform. Using this data, the platform calculates event-related emissions for an individual event, simplifying the data collection process and reducing workload.

One of the key features of SustainSymphony is the integration of sustainability certificates, allowing users to display credentials such as ISO14001. In addition, the software service enables users to create sustainability reports based on the information it provides.

“SustainSymphony is unique for a number of reasons. This free service goes beyond traditional offerings by enabling verifiable CO2 reduction, energy savings and efficient resource management,” commented Robert Trebus, Director Sustainability d&b group. “The software acts as a catalyst for positive environmental impact within the live events industry.” Recognising the urgency for effective carbon footprint tools, d&b group aims to fill this gap with SustainSymphony, providing not only Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reports, but also practical checklists and centralised data for venues and products.

“With SustainSymphony we are addressing the increasing consciousness of environmental and social matters in the live event industry. We are making a bold statement by offering our basic version free of charge,” added Amnon Harman, CEO d&b group. “Our aim is to inspire and encourage event organisers, operators and suppliers to make sustainability a top priority. We want to empower the entire live events industry to contribute to a more sustainable future.”