CPL Invests Again In d&b audiotechnik

Live video, AV and technical production specialist CPL has announced a further investment in d&b audiotechnik equipment, underlining its commitment to the leading brand, with whom CPL has relationship stretching back 20 years.

CPL MD Matthew Boyse stated: “d&b has proved a high quality, hugely reliable and consistent solution for our audio needs for many years,” adding that as well as continuing its relationship with these latest purchases, the investment will, “steps up a level with a new ‘partnership’ arrangement recognising our long-term focus on the brand.”

The latest deal included substantial quantities of Y- and V-Series speakers, which replace all CPL’s older Q-series stock, and another large amount of E-series – E6’s, E8’s and B4-SUBs – taking the place of the E3 series and older E products. This is complete with all the requisite rigging and associated hardware for the speakers.

The next round of purchases will be for d&b’s new D20 and D80 amplifiers.

In a highly competitive market, CPL, which initially specialised in projection systems, cameras, PPUs and all elements of live video, is now supplying full production – audio, lighting, video, staging – to most of its clients. With this, the demand for audio has increased dramatically over the last 10 years, together with the trend for producers and production agencies to source all their technical elements and expertise from one company.

This enhances the cost-effectivity and is considerably more efficient on time and organisation, with one Project Manager covering all technical bases for the client rather than three or four.

Concluding, Boyse said: “Evolving a special relationship with d&b is not just about commercial transactions, it’s about mutual respect and recognising the needs of businesses and the industry generally. We are very proud to have reached this stage with a leading manufacturer.”