Colour Force II Impresses Live Company Show

Delegates enjoyed the Live Company AS showcase event co-hosted with Chroma-Q, which allowed rental production clients to experience the full potential of the multi award-winning Colour Force II LED cyc, wash and effects light.

Live Company recently invested in Colour Force II. Its Project Manager, Peter Clausen, commented: “We are very impressed with the Colour Force II’s high quality light output. When looking for a new cyc light to invest in, it was very important that it didn’t compromise on quality and could sit very close to a cyc, to save space. After testing a series of fixtures, we chose Colour Force II for these reasons. As well as being a great cyc light, it’s also an amazing wall washer for events, and for creating dynamic visual effects for concerts using the individually controllable LED cells.”

Leading lighting designers and specifiers from all sectors were invited to Tivoli in Copenhagen. Delegates got hands-on with Colour Force II in the ‘Glassalen’ (Glass Hall Theatre) performance venue, followed by dinner and a show, where they were able to see it in action during a performance of The 35th Crazy Christmas Cabaret Show – Planet Rump – The Farce Awakens.

Freelance Lighting Designer Mark P Jones commented: “Having a history of using and speccing Chroma-Q products, it’s great to see that Colour Force II builds on the reputation of the original fixture, which I loved for its colour range, and the depth and dynamics it could bring to a backdrop that conventional floods cannot in my experience. It’s great to have these units in the Danish hire market as the output, colour range and stability on camera make them a great lighting tool.”

Bjarne Olsen, show Lighting Designer for Planet Rump – The Farce Awakens, also praised the fixture, adding: “Colour Force II is perfect for the show as it is performed in Tivoli’s Glassalen venue, where there is very limited space on-stage for scenery and lighting. I am very impressed with the fixture’s colour palette. It can produce both deep saturated colours and vivid pastels. The amount of light output is also very impressive, and the individual pixel control allows for some nice effects.”

Live Company’s Peter Clausen summarised: “We’re really pleased by delegates’ feedback, which has been very positive. Aside from its quality of light, Colour Force II is perfect for our rental business because it is so multi-functional and easy to use. We’re really excited to see how our clients utilise it to achieve their creative visions!”

The Colour Force II fixtures were supplied to Live Company by Chroma-Q dealer, A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. Designed to deliver a premium performance for theatrical and rock ‘n’ roll events through to corporate and architectural applications, the versatile Chroma-Q Colour Force II cyc, wash and effects light delivers 50% more output than its predecessor and superior colour blending. Other premium features include superior homogenised RGBA optics producing even higher quality saturates and pastels, and a purer white – all from a single source – and theatrical grade dimming.