Colorado’s Sonic Bloom Delivers Unique EDM Experience with Elation Lighting

Nexus Productions has been working the Sonic Bloom festival for the past four years and this year served as the main stage lighting vendor for the first time, supplying all trussing, lighting, motors, distros and more.

“Sonic Bloom’s lighting is focused around creating an intimate environment that compliments the many diverse acts throughout the weekend,” said Nexus Productions owner Chuck Williams, who served as Lead Lighting Designer for the Bloom Stage. “I’ve had this stage concept brewing in my head for a while now and I’m glad we were able to execute it. I really enjoy watching it go from our cads to a full blown festival stage.”

All three of the festival’s stages had their own distinct areas and character. The Bloom Stage saw popular acts The Polish Ambassador and The Floozies and was headlined on Saturday night by Gigantic Cheese Biscuits, an amalgamation of Big Gigantic, The String Cheese Incident and the Disco Biscuits.

Williams used Elation’s continuously rotating ACL 360 Bar LED moving bar effects together with Platinum Beam 5R beam lights to create a uniquely visual atmosphere. “I’ve owned a set of the Platinum Beam 5R’s for a few years now,” Williams states.” They are a workhorse light and go on many of our setups. We just purchased the ACL 360 Bars this past May, but we’ve been using them on our festivals/tours for about a year.”

Williams said that the ACL 360 Bars were the lead component to the main stage design. “The fixture itself is very versatile and can create so many different looks that you can’t replicate with most other fixtures,” he said of the colour-changing moving batten that houses seven 15W RGBW LEDs. “With our circle truss hanging as a halo we wanted to make it so the ACLs covered the whole ring. We found the magic number for our 20ft circle was 24 units evenly spread.”

The ACL 360 Bar is a diverse fixture with a tight beam that looks great as a blade effect across haze and is often used for eye candy looks or pixel mapping effects. “As the LD, I love the pixel mapping capability with the ACL 360 Bars,” Williams said. “I spent a lot of time writing effects to utilise the pixels all weekend and the pixel mapping made for some incredible looks. They pack a really nice punch yet are incredibly lightweight and power efficient, which really helps on the big rigs. The speed on the fixtures is really great also – quick and snappy.”

Platinum 5R Beams were Williams’s “main guns” in the rig with 24 fixtures all in the air. Twelve fixtures were mounted in-between each of the ACL Bars on the halo truss with the remaining 12 on a stage right/left raked truss. “The brightness and reliability of these fixtures are key,” the LD stated, who said he was able to lower the halo truss, leaving it almost vertical as a backdrop for a few sets. “This created a whole new look for the stage and really made for some magical moments with the beams and ACLs working together.”

After being held in several different locations over its 12-year existence, Sonic Bloom has found a home at Hummingbird Ranch. The 2017 edition, which ran 15-18th June, proved a rousing success for Nexus Productions and production company Photon7, as well as for those who enjoy EDM music in a beautiful mountain setting.

“The whole Nexus team alongside the Photon7 crew all deserves a mention for an outstanding effort in making it all happen.” Williams concluded.