CLF Lighting Illuminate André Rieu

Dutch LD Maurice Verbeek incorporated an impressive amount of CLF Lighting Ares, Ares XS and Yara fixtures in his design, supplied by Rent-All. A large quantity was used to lighten up the 38 national monuments that surround the area of the Vrijthof, in Maastricht, Netherlands.

“André wants to give the audience an unforgettable evening. He wants people to laugh, enjoy and dance,” said Verbeek. “By not only lighting the stage, but also the audience and the scenery an interaction occurs between all attendees. Light is, just like music, a way of communicating. I try to create an atmosphere which matches the music by using colours and nuances.”

Verbeek added: “The CLF Ares became a very good replacement because of the high output. Besides that, the 21° beam angle is very suitable for long distances. Furthermore I like the Smart Filter System, which gives me the opportunity to change lenses on site. I also use the barn doors, in order to prevent the audience being blinded.”

Additional on-stage decoration was taken care off by CLF Yara, both fixtures were chosen after an extensive shootout by Verbeek. “The CLF fixtures are the most powerful on the market, but extra features like the filter system and the included barn doors were decisive.”