Clear-Com unveils Arcadia updates

Clear-Com has announced the latest release of Arcadia, the updated version of the intercom platform Arcadia. This update is equipped with new features, offering connectivity, and expanded device support.

Features include I.V. Direct Interfacing, which allow interfacing with LQ, Eclipse E-IPA, and other Arcadia systems over LAN, WAN, or the Internet, ensuring connectivity options for operational needs. HelixNet HXII-DPL Powerline Device Support expands intercom capabilities with enhanced support for HelixNet devices.

The increased capacity for FreeSpeak II digital wireless system beltpacks and IP transceivers means that Arcadia can now support a higher number of these devices, accommodating larger teams and more complex communication requirements. Arcadia has also doubled the number of supported HelixNet User Stations.

“We are thrilled to launch this newest update to Arcadia,” said Bob Boster, President of Clear-Com. “Our goal has always been to provide our users with the most advanced and reliable communication solutions. Arcadia represents a significant leap forward in terms of connectivity and capacity, empowering our customers to achieve even greater efficiency and performance in their operations.”

The latest release of Arcadia, is available from 4 June, 2024.