New Claypaky K-EYE HCR Range

Claypaky’s has revealed its new K-EYE HCR range of LED lighting fixtures.

Claypaky CEO Pio Nahum commented: “We know that our most demanding customers, particularly in the sectors of television, film and theatre, have long felt the need for a lighting tool that differed from others in the marketplace for the ‘quality’ of the light it produced. Achieving this desired ‘quality’ is no simple matter. Light quality is the sum of multiple factors, including diffusion uniformity, colour temperature, colour control features and, most of all, a high colour rendering index. To meet these requirements, Claypaky and Osram have developed HCR technology.”

The heart of the K-EYE HCR wash light is its 6-colour LED light source. In addition to the basic red, green, and blue colour emitters, Claypaky has added amber, cyan, and lime LEDs to create a source which provides the widest colour range with unrivalled colour spectrum coverage. With HCR technology, this light engine produces typical CRI values greater than 97, up to 99 – values previously only available from conventional light sources. This development guarantees broader coverage of the colour gamut.

The K-EYE HCR range collected the PLASA Award for Innovation at the PLASA Show in London in September 2017. Speaking of the K-EYE HCR, the PLASA Innovation Awards judges said it was “an LED wash light that delivers a new approach to accurate colour rendering, starting at chip level, rather than manipulating existing sources.”

The K-EYE HCR range includes 2 moving head models: the K-EYE K20 HCR, with 37 LED emitters, and the K-EYE K10 HCR, with 19 emitters. In addition to the moving head fixtures in the range, Claypaky has recently added static versions: the K-EYE S10 HCR and the K-EYE S20 HCR.

To give designers access to highly accurate saturations and hues, the K-EYE HCR range offers 4 modes of operation. RAW mode offers specific control of each colour, while HSL mode provides complete control of hue saturation luminosity, fully exploiting the potential of the 6-colour system. In addition, the RGB and CMY modes work in the classic Claypaky style. The K-EYE HCR also boasts silent operation and completely flicker-free output, making it suitable for use in television, concert halls and opera or any professional fields of application where silence, brightness, and quality light are required.