Claypaky rig shines for Imagine Dragons in Tbilisi

A wide range of Claypaky lighting fixtures dominated the rig at the recent Imagine Dragons concert at the Mikheil Meskhi Stadium in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Around 62 Claypaky Arolla HP, 32 Sharpy Plus, 12 Mini B Aqua and six Sharpy Plus Aqua were provided by Black Sea Arena for the event.

Their appearance in Tbilisi was part of Starring Georgia, a two-year campaign promoting the country as a venue for entertainment events.  It showcases diverse visiting artists who demonstrate the ability of music to unite people of different generations.  Bruno Mars is the next to appear in the Starring Georgia series.

Performing for an audience of 30,000 the stage had to be transported from Black Sea Arena in 35 trucks. “Imagine Dragons was the first concert of this scale hosted in Georgia and featured more high-quality lighting and technical equipment than ever used for a single concert,” commented Kobi Manjgaladze, Head of the Technical Department and Stage Manager at Black Sea Arena.  “It also marked the first usage of the Claypaky units we recently purchased.”

Manjgaladze added that the concert was a “new experience for those involved in the project and for attendees who had a chance to witness the first concert in their country that adhered to European standards of excellence for lighting and technical gear,” he concluded.