Claypaky presents new products at ISE 2023

Claypaky will present lots of innovative lighting solutions at ISE including the MINI-B AQUA

In a few days Claypaky will present lots of lighting solutions at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Barcelona:

The Aqua Series: These exciting new fixtures meet the needs for outdoor installations and also for rental companies with outdoor productions. They offer an IP66 degree of protection which is greater than the average protection offered by products currently on the market. Some fixtures even offer a Marine-grade C5-M protection, which further expands the field of application to the cruise ship sector. No more need to worry about water, humidity, dust – or even salt: put your show on without concern for the elements!

World Premiere at ISE 2023, the MINI-B AQUA was created to meet the huge demand from lighting professionals for a weather resistant, lightweight, compact, agile mini-washlight. It is IP66 protection rated, making it suitable for all kinds of outdoor use. However, it is also ideal for indoor installation since it does not require the same levels of maintenance as ordinary IP20 fixtures thanks to the total protection of its internal components against dust.

The Show and Corporate Series: Designing an unforgettable atmosphere enhances the success of your show. We have always been known for innovative new ideas that have changed world of lighting a number of times. Versatility, exceptional light output, outstanding features and amazing effects – we know how to impress your audience – in the smallest venues or at the largest shows. Taking advantage of our rich experience and know-how, Claypaky have recently entered also in the Effect Lighting segment, developing new product lines with innovative and original features. We have solution for every need

World Premiere at ISE 2023, the MINI-B SPOT is not only the perfect complement to the Claypaky Mini-B and Mini-B Aqua, but it also has innovative, exclusive features that will make it every lighting designer’s favourite choice! The light source is based on a 70W white LED engine, capable of delivering 4300 Lumen, but with a power consumption of only 150W. Claypaky has also developed a proprietary optical unit that optimizes light intensity and light output. Mini-B Spot is bound to become extremely popular also in the installation and cruise ship markets, where versatile, small fixtures with a big punch are sought after.
The Tambora Linear advanced line of hybrid bars is growing, and now Claypaky introduces the TAMBORA LINEAR 60: it is a compact, 60mm static LED pixel bar designed for versatile lighting effects and artistic set decorations. It offers all the features of the Tambora Linear LED bar range, and is particularly suitable for applications in narrow environments.

Claypaky also present for the first time at ISE the VOLERO WAVE, an amazing LED bar with original and innovative features. It is made up of a system of eight moving heads, each one independently capable of a 220° tilt, thus producing never-seen-before three-dimensional volumetric projections. Each of these heads contains a brand-new mirror-based optical system combined with 40W RGBW LEDs. Their synchronized movement produces an impressive wave of light, all the more overwhelming the more Volero Wave units you seamlessly connect to each other.

The Theatre Series: In recent years, the “theatrical” lighting sector has become increasingly demanding. Claypaky offer you various models in this category, each created to respond to a specific request; luminaires with very low noise emissions, and they are available as moving head or static fixtures. With the new series of SINFONYA we are now delighted to introduce the first of a brand-new family of LED fixtures designed and manufactured exclusively for the Theatre market. This is the truly next generation of lighting for theatres.