Claypaky Lighting Fixtures shine for Maria Becerra

María Becerra made history as the first Argentine female artist to sell out River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires, the largest venue in Argentina, for two consecutive nights, 22 and 23 March 2024. 

A complement of Claypaky fixtures illuminated the show designed by Creative Director Julian Levy and lit by Lighting Designers and Programmers Pablo Martinelli and Joaquin Boerr from Gou Studio.

The lighting package included 120 Mythos2 spot fixtures for the main stage, 22 A.leda B-EYE K20 wash/beam/effects lights for the proscenium and 24 Sharpy Plus hybrid beam/spot lights covering the low seats, FOH and stadium perimeter.

“The first challenge was [for the lighting] to coexist with so many square meters of screens,” noted Martinelli. “Everything was thought of as a team – colours, strokes and moments – to achieve the same harmony.”

“We were looking for fast, powerful and versatile equipment that could follow the dynamics of the show,” added Boerr.  “We placed Claypaky A-Leda B-EYEs in the proscenium area for coverage and visual effects, also thinking about the cameras [recording the show].  On the perimeter of the stadium – the grandstands and FOH area – we placed Sharpy Plus for sweeping effects on the audience.  We chose them for their power and size, [which would not] affect the audience’s view of the show.”

Marco Fressone isn marketing director for Macaio Argentina Claypaky’s exclusive distributor in the country. Mauricio Brando is Claypaky’s Latin America Regional Sales Manager.