Claypaky Illuminates Alternative Festival Experiences

Photo: Dom Henry

An array of Claypaky fixtures were selected by leading Manchester-based technical supplier Audile to provide stage lighting for two of this summer’s more alternative festivals; the inaugural Bluedot festival of discovery and boutique arts and music experience Festival No.6.

Held at the Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire underneath the famous Lovell telescope and debuting this year, Bluedot offers a three-day programme of music, art and culture, flavoured with science and space exploration.

Audile supplied Claypaky luminaires and technical support to each of Bluedot’s five stages. Company directors Rob Leach and Rob Ashworth chose the award-winning Mythos, Stormy CC strobe and festival lighting staple the Sharpy for the Main stage.

The dish of the Lovell telescope at Bluedot provided an unusual platform for creative architectural lighting that complemented a projection-based show created by Brian Eno and Pod Bluman. Leach explained: “Since access to the fixtures under the dish was limited we choose Claypaky Alpha Beam 700’s to illuminate it as we knew they could be rigged and left with minimal attention required.”

Audile has been involved with Festival No.6, situated in the picturesque Welsh village of Portmeirion, for the past five years. The company delivers lighting for the Main stage, the iStage and Clough stage in the Arena plus the Estuary stage, Stoneboat and Gatehouse stages in the Village and the Lost in the Woods stage.

“Like at Bluedot, we used Claypaky Mythos, Stormy CC strobes and Sharpys on the Main stage,” said Leach.

The Alpha Spot 700 HPE’s and Alpha Beam 700’s featured heavily in the second stage lighting systems; the iStage centred on a circular truss creating a chandelier effect, and the Lost in the Woods stage used Alpha Beam 700’s to guide festival-goers through the forest as daylight started to fade.