Clay Paky ‘Saves Rock And Roll’ With Fall Out Boy

Photo by Jack Edinger

US rockers Fall Out Boy were on a world tour in support of their American Beauty / American Psycho album with a perspective-bending lighting design by Robb Jibson, using Clay Paky Mythos and A.leda B-EYE K20 fixtures.

Jibson – who serves as Lighting and Show Designer for the tour – was using the highly advanced beam and spot light hybrid, Mythos, for effects, backlight, in delay systems and even as follow spots. With them, he projected dynamic aerial effects out across the audience, creates collimated looks and washed areas with vibrant colour.

“Clay Paky has created a really bright fixture in the Mythos,” said Jibson. “It has a small footprint that’s easy on both weight and power consumption and there isn’t a better optical system out there in my opinion. I think its best feature is the ability to have it in a 20° to 30° beam and still get a punch out of it.”

Jibson positioned the fixtures in ‘motion pods’ that allowed the lighting system to be fluid for the band’s support acts, which included English rapper Professor Green for the UK arena run. These pods were arranged in a linear format and were broken up into threes to reflect a pyramid-shaped set, which was designed to echo the band’s triangle logo.

“We wanted to have lighting that took the driver’s seat at times to become the main focus of the show,” explained Jibson. “It was important that it was placed to perfectly accentuate the surfaces and the performers to tell the story.”

ACT Lighting supplied the 33 Mythos to Jibson for the tour. The 12 B-EYE K20’s were supplied by Neg Earth.

“In terms of the B-EYE, it’s ideal for unique, eye-candy effects that also look great on camera and IMAG,” Jibson continued. “The intensity of the Mythos and the B-EYEs allows them to hold their own against the other light- emitting set pieces. They can stand alone creating aerial scenery or play along with others nicely.”