Clay Paky Goes On Tour With Scorpions

Photo: Ralph Larmann

Legendary German rock band Scorpions has embarked on its latest world tour, with Roland Beckerle serving as Tour Production Manager and Olaf Schröter as Production Director. Günter Jäckle designed the show’s set and Rainer Becker designed lighting. Manfred Nikitser, Associated Lighting Designer and Director, completes the team.

Nikitser chose two MA Lighting grandMA2 full-size desks, one grandMA2 light, two MA VPU and MK2 video processing units, two MA NPU network processing units and two MA network switches. The lights used consist of 36 Clay Paky A.leda B-EYE K20’s, eight Sharpy Wash 330’s, 10 Mythos units and 20 Stormy CCs.

“The stage design draws inspiration essentially from the classic rock and roll mix with spotlights, wash lights, strobes and visuals, without forgetting beam lights and effects,” said Nikitser. “At first glance the video element dominates the set. In my opinion, merging videos with lights is extremely important in the look of a stage. The design consists of a big LED back screen, a set screen, and two IMAG screens. The set is completed with four crossbars and ladders at the sides to close it, but also to make sure that TV cameras, wherever they may be placed, have enough background.”

PRG Nocturne provided all the equipment. MANIK Show Lighting and Nikitser managed the lighting desks and MA VPUs. The visual content was dealt with by Hans-Otto Richter and Nikitser.