Clair Global Powers the Conversation About Live Events Technology

On Wednesday 30th November, over 300 industry professionals attended Rock Lititz Innovation Night, powered by Clair Global.

Paired with the ESA’s annual Event Safety Summit, the group participated in a discussion about Advancing the Live Event Experience, through the use of new emerging technology. Four panelists led the conversation: Shaun Clair from Clair Global, Serge Grimaux from Intellitix, Tom Bussey from Production Glue and Greg Guzzetta from The Event Intelligence Group.

Rock Lititz Innovation Night is a re-occurring event, hosted by different Rock Lititz Community members throughout the year. The presenting company is asked to highlight something they do particularly well, or to explore a new venture they may be pursuing, in order to help educate the community and stimulate discussion.

When called upon to host, Clair Global focused the Innovation Night on the company’s newest frontier. Drawing from over 50 years of live event experience, Clair Global is now also building enterprise-level network infrastructures, capable of continuously connecting thousands of devices in a temporary and portable form-factor. The intention of the evening was to explore this emerging specialty and start an industry-wide conversation about how this field might continue to grow.

The panel focused specifically on how technology enhances the live event experience for both fans and crew. Ranging from the world of safety, to ticketing and access control, audience engagement, and standard backstage needs, shows have become increasingly dependent on reliable communication. Data services are more important than ever, and have the potential to change the way events are approached.

Embracing the mentality and proximity of the Event Safety Summit, this special Innovation Night was able to unite the live event community on a much broader scale, and reach a new level of collaboration.