Christie Continues Inspiring Storytelling with New Core Series LED and CorePlus LED Improvements

Christie continues to inspire and bring the best value to its customers with its introduction of Christie Core Series and the next generation of Christie CorePlus. Core Series is perfect for applications such as shopping mall kiosks, airport and public transit signage, and select corporate installations with budgetary constraints.

Whether it’s an enormous Las Vegas sportsbook, the largest multinational corporations, or a small business, Christie LED is inspiring customers around the world to tell their story with gorgeous visuals.

“We were, and still are, so excited to launch our Christie MicroTiles LED last February, which got a phenomenal response from our customers,” said Senior Product Manager at Christie, Ted Romanowitz.

“MicroTiles LED are best-in-class but there are occasions when customers don’t need those advanced capabilities or don’t have the budget, so we wanted to bring certain advanced capabilities to the ‘value’ space – and that’s where Core and CorePlus fit. Both CorePlus and Core Series deliver enhanced benefits and design flexibility typically offered only on more expensive products from the competition.”

With pixel pitches from 1.2 – 2.5 mm, redundant onboard power and ADA-compliant mount system; Christie Core Series installs directly onto any wall without a costly mounting frame, saving setup time and money for integrators and end users.

“Core Series makes LED video walls affordable for even small budgets without sacrificing quality and the high-value design delivers all the key features in a package that is easy to install and maintain,” said Romanowitz.

“Christie CorePlus has been very well received and we wanted to kick that up a notch and so we updated the product line in two important ways,” said Romanowitz. “First, we’ve improved optical performance to over 97% of the NTSE 1987 colour spectrum for images that pop out at you even more than before. Second, we’ve unlocked some of the advanced image capabilities that we previously offered on the newer version of Apex Series in conjunction with our E600 controller.

“Now, combining CorePlus with the E600, customers have HD10-R signal compatibility to ensure content is always displayed correctly and in the finest detail. CorePlus also has Christie’s Clearview image processor for improved colour performance and the sharpest, smoothest images – especially at low brightness levels. We’ve taken a well-received product and made it even better.”

Available in 1.2 – 4.0mm pixel pitches, Christie CorePlus delivers a tremendous amount of flexibility while the choice of on-board or remote power increases installation options – all at a competitive price point. Front and rear serviceable, Christie CorePlus is quick and easy to both install and maintain. Both the new Core Series and the updated CorePlus ship in the summer of 2019.