Chauvet Rogues Set Stage For Belgian Star Niels Destadsbader

On his Niels Confesses All (Niels klapt uit de biecht) tour, the versatile star combines his musical and acting talents to create an intimate and highly personal connection to fans as exemplified by a church-like confession booth on stage.

The main task for the K-Events lighting design was to create a church-like atmosphere with a minimal setup. Chauvet Professional Rogue R1 Washes, which were supplied by SLV Rent, were ideally suited for this purpose, thanks to a number of creative and practical factors which helped create the appropriate mood on stage.

A group of six Rogue R1 Washes were positioned above the central confessional booth on stage, with a further six fixtures positioned intermittently above stage and side stage to provide backlighting. The richly saturated colours, intense output and wide coverage of these fixtures provided the necessary highlighting of the confessional booth.

“Thanks to the intense colours of the Rogue fixtures, we were able to provide stunning wash lighting for the scenes where Niels is performing in the confessional booth,” said Lighting Director Kristof De Dycker. ”The smooth dimming and impressive zoom features allowed us to softly accentuate the detailing of the set.”

In addition to softer moments, there were instances of high energy throughout the performance. Thanks to the Rogue’s 7 RGBW 15 W quad-LEDs, the fixtures provided more than enough power to provide the necessary bursts of lighting energy when required.

“Because of the necessity to keep the whole stage concept as minimal as possible, the Rogue fixtures also had to perform other, more aggressive lighting roles throughout the show,” continued De Dycker. “Thanks to the versatility of the fixtures, we were able to use them in all manner of situations to give visual support to Niels’ underlying narrative.”

A further reason for specifying the Rogue R1 fixtures was the extremely small footprint of the fixtures, which gave the team a number of advantages both on and off stage.

“Despite their excellent output, the Rogues are an incredibly practical fixture in terms of size – of paramount importance for Niels’ shows so as not to detract from the scenery on the stage,” continued De Dycker. “Their compact size and light weight made transportation and setup extremely easy, which ensured that we had one less thing to worry about.”

Recognising the Rogue R1 Wash’s capacity to provide a myriad of different looks and atmosphere, SLV Rent were able to give support to Niels’ entire stage design. “Ultimately, we succeeded in accentuating the desired grand and majestic church feeling,” concluded SLV Rent.