Chauvet Professional Video Panels Add Dramatic Backdrop To Batman V Superman UK Premiere

The UK premiere of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was big news throughout Europe. Setting an appropriately grand tone for this A-list event at London’s Leicester Square, Impact Production Services, created the highest profile video installation in the company’s history using a collection of PVP X6IP LED panels and pixel mapped ÉPIX Strip Tour LED fixtures from Chauvet Professional.

Anchoring the dramatic design by IPS client Limited Edition Event Design was a massive video wall display. Lining the red carpet, the display was made of 14 individual 2m x 2m x 5m high Layher towers positioned in zig-zag formation; each tower sporting a 1.5m wide by 2.5m high matrix of Chauvet PVP X6IP panels. The panels displayed visual content and pictures of the various comic book figures in the film, in addition to “Batman” and “Superman” lettering.

“The 6.9mm pixel pitch of the PVP panels was ideal for this event, with the panels also looking great on closer shots of individual towers on cameras on TV,” continued James Mason, IPS Managing Director. “What’s more, the high brightness of the panels looked great even during the day. The wide viewing angle of the panels also ensured maximum visibility for the audience.”

The solid aluminium die-cast construction of the PVP panels combined with stainless steel hardware ensures effortless and secure interlocking between panels — a feature that Mason and his team appreciated at this particular event.

“The rigging options made it easy to attach – and detach – the panels to the Layher towers,” continued Mason. “This is imperative for these kind of projects where time is very much of the essence during the build and de-rig.”

Also showcased at the event was IPS’s new stock of 80 Chauvet Professional ÉPIX Strip Tour units. The 1 metre long RGB LED fixtures with 25mm pixel spacing were positioned between each of the truss towers in linear formation to provide some visual interest between the screen panels displaying character artwork and lettering.

Powered using ÉPIX Drive 900 driver units, the ÉPIX Strips were all driven via ArtNet to create the sparkle effect. “We mounted the ÉPIX fixtures onto the scenic flats between the panels, and due to their lightweight construction, they were very easy to attach,” said Mason. “The pixel mappable strip fixtures were exactly what we needed to flesh out the backdrop to the red carpet with white flickering LED effects. They provided a great counterpoint to the video material.”

Thanks in no small part to the combination effect of the PVP panels and ÉPIX fixtures, Mason and his team are happy with the result at Leicester Square. “Although this wasn’t the first film premiere that IPS have worked on, it was certainly the largest, especially with regards to the video project,” concluded Mason. “Both the PVP panels and ÉPIX fixtures played an invaluable part in the overall concept of the evening and proved that they can perform flawlessly even in front of a star studded red carpet.”