CHAUVET Professional punch up excitement for Mayweather fight

A number of CHAUVET Professional Rogue Outcast 1L Beam fixtures were supplied by The Design Oasis for the recent Floyd Mayweather fight at the FLA Live Arena, Florida.

“The 1L beams really created an impact throughout the arena,” commented Abbas Ritscher, of The Design Oasis. “They were small, which allowed our Lighting Designer John Hollingshead to bunch a lot of them together, keeping the cables clean but still creating impact by directing beams of lights across the entire venue. They have a very tight 1.4ﹾ beam angle, so they looked thick and bright even when their light was a hundred feet in the air.”

Capture Studio Group had a vision of more than just lighting up the fight – lighting up the arena while also having the depth and excitement in all the camera shots. Also creating a suspenseful air of expectation during the walk-ins were the rig’s Maverick Storm 2 Profiles. The 580-watt profiles were used to focus tight light on the fighters thanks to a shutter system that reduces their beam angle to 5.5.ﹾ “We purposely put the Maverick Strom 2 Washes right in the camera shots, their tight beam looks set a very camera-friendly background,” Ritscher explained.

“Our goal with the lighting was to amp up the excitement, from before the fighters walked out until they were fighting and then in between rounds,” concluded Ritscher. “This event was definitely about bringing the excitement.”