Chauvet Professional Provides Video Wall for King Kong Premier

For the recent UK premier, Limited Edition Event Design awarded the red carpet in London’s Leicester Square with a 36 metre long Kong-worthy video wall to display graphic content and film related video, utilising 216 Chauvet Professional PVP X6IP LED video panels, supplied by Impact Production Services.

The low 6.9mm pixel pitch and the 4,500 NITS of the PVP X6IP panels provided the perfect solution to display video and King Kong graphics with exceptional visual clarity both during the day and evening at the event.

“The Chauvet Professional PVP panels ensured incredible brightness, contrast and clarity,” commented Tom Warden, Project Manager at Impact Production Services. “The panels even performed staggeringly during the daylight hours, with the wide viewing angle of the panels also ensuring maximum visibility for the gathering audience.”

The video wall, which consisted of three separate 6.5m x 3m LED video screens, could be connected to the Layher trussing platform with effortless ease, thanks to sturdy die-cast aluminium housing and magnetic interlocking ability of the panels, a much appreciated feature for Warden and his team.

“For these kinds of projects, where time is very much of the essence during the build and de-rig, rigging options are absolutely essential,” said Warden. “The effortless interlocking of the PVP panels saved us time and energy during the very tight rigging and disassembly windows.”

Despite the notorious British rain, Warden and his team were prepared thanks to the IP rating of the PVP panels, which enables outdoor use in all weather conditions.

“It was great to know that we could rely on the PVP panels for any kind of outdoor event, thanks to their IP rating,” commented Warden. “Not only did the PVP panels allow audiences to enjoy the King Kong visual spectacle on the red carpet, we were guaranteed peace of mind by the flawless performance throughout the day’s challenging weather conditions.”