CHAUVET Professional helps light Morgan Wallen tour

The use of lighting fixtures, coupled with a strategic layout, ensured an experience for audiences across the venue on Morgan Wallen’s ‘One Night At A Time World 2024 Tour’.

The substage measures 152 feet in width and 72 feet in depth, housing four key performance areas. Two of the areas, each approximately 48 by 48 feet and elevated 12 feet off the ground, allowed for intimate moments that brought Morgan Wallen closer to the audience.

Additionally, a 108-foot-long thrust stage extends into the pit, completing the setup is a “C” stage, designed for acoustic sessions and positioned at the far opposite end of the audience. A dedicated band riser set further enhanced the performance dynamic, providing a platform for the musicians and featuring the entrance as Morgan kicks through a door to enter the stage.

Dominating the visual landscape is a wrap-around video wall measuring 235 feet wide and 34 feet tall. This screen featured rounded corners for smooth transitions and is flown high as a header piece.

One of the challenges faced in this production is catering to a 270-degree audience. The high placement of the video wall and strategic positioning of lighting fixtures play roles in overcoming this challenge, providing an immersive experience for attendees from all angles. Automation is also used to open up the stage by flying behind the video wall, giving a clear view during key moments of the show.

Central to the lighting design are 84 STRIKE Bolt 1C fixtures from CHAUVET Professional. Positioned atop the video wall, high up in the air, they create a glowing effect for the audience. The placement of these fixtures on top of the video wall frame required custom mounts, crafted by TAIT, to ensure stability, optimal performance, and even spacing across the 235 feet.

Raw Cereal used its tools to create productions that tech can allow, variable speed motor hoists are used to animate many specific elements in this show. One of the technical challenges faced was using the space appropriately with a temporary stage structure. Despite these challenges, the production team succeeded in maximising the use of the stage to bring the artist closer to the audience.

Each team member played a vital role in bringing the vision to life. Tyler Santangelo served as the Lighting Programmer, while Zac Coren operated every show as the Lighting Director. Matt Geasey and Bryan Siegel assisted in technical direction. Lighting Crew Chief Conrad Dew and the entire lighting team make it happen every show. Christie Lites sourced the brand new Chauvet lighting fixtures that played a role in the production.