CHAUVET Professional fixtures illuminate Luisenburg Festival

Colito Productions helped the festival meet challenges for the 2023 season with help from a collection of IP65 rated Maverick Storm fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

When lighting the Luisenburg Festival, a challenge is resin from the surrounding tall trees, which can cause LEDs to overheat. The weather is also often cold and damp when the lighting is set up at the open-air site in April but then there is blistering heat in the summer, followed by cool wet conditions in September, when the festival draws to a close.

“Because of the environment, we have what we call special features here,” said Michael Lindner, Assistant Technical Director of the Luisenburg Festival. “Sometimes it does snow in April. If not, then you’ve got the wet conditions. When it’s summer you have the real heat, sometimes 35 to 40 degrees. Then, sometime in September, you have the cold and the wet  — and on top of that, you have the dirt from the trees. So, the fixtures go through a lot. We had ten other fixtures hanging over the last few years, but only 5 were working at the end of last season.”

“So, I said I wanted to change, but there was nothing like what I wanted until I saw the Chauvet products,” continued Lindner. “There was a CHAUVET product presentation at Colito, and that’s when I saw the Maverick Storm 4 Profile. It was exactly what we were looking for in terms of performance, especially with the dimensions we have to work within. The fixture was just right for us. The Chauvet team also showed me the Maverick Storm 2 BeamWash, and I was immediately sold on it as well. The wash does not lose power when it is open. I am very, very happy.”

Lindner had 10 Maverick Storm 4 Profile units, and eight, Maverick Storm 2 BeamWashes installed at the venue. He created the overall design of the lighting rig, and positioned the fixtures, while Markus Seemeier from Munich did the programming this season.

“We rehearsed all of May,” said Lindner “The first play performed was a children’s play. That had its premiere at the end of May. Then, the next plays came in stages. The Cologne Opera and the Landesbühne Sachsen also came to us. The program was like the stage, which means it was very mixed.”

The Luisenburg Festival attracted visitors from throughout Germany.  This season, as they sat in the bleachers embedded in the famous rocks, audiences were able to enjoy shows.