Chameleon Touring Systems upgrades crew comms with GREEN-GO

Photo: Chameleon Touring

Chameleon Touring Systems has upgraded its communications solution from an old analogue party line system to a GREEN-GO digital package.

GREEN-GO dealer Event Communications Australia masterminded Chameleon Touring’s investment, drawing on extensive experience in digital communications solutions for the live music touring market.

“Chameleon’s previous communications systems were based around a basic single channel, analogue party line system which was starting to be less reliable, so it was time to update to current technology,” explained Event Communications Australia’s Rod McKinnon. “We worked closely with Graham Walker at Chameleon Touring to curate a kit list of GREEN-GO products that we knew would offer clear, easy-to-use communications for the lighting crew working on upcoming tours that Chameleon was supplying. Chameleon Touring doesn’t supply talkback systems for their end clients, but they find it essential for their lighting teams, so they have reliable and consistent communications between all lighting personnel.”

The GREEN-GO system has already gone out on international artist tours in Australia, including The Killers, K-Pop, and the most recent Lizzo tour. The GREEN-GO products now in Chameleon’s stock include 16 BPX wired beltpacks with 16 HS200D Dual muff headsets; two SW8.1 PoE Switches and a Interface-X.

Chameleon’s Graham Walker commented: “The technology, flexibility and simplicity of the system is what attracted us to GREEN-GO initially. One of the big draw cards was the fact there is no need for a comms matrix or master station, just a network switch, which means there is not one single point of failure, as the configuration lives on the beltpacks. The scalability of the product was also very appealing. It is very quick and easy to configure the system and then make changes when required to adapt to the evolving needs and budget of a show or tour.”

The Chameleon team is busy planning to use their GREEN-GO kit on upcoming tours for The Chicks, Sam Smith, Il Divo and Def Leppard/Mötley Crüe.

“While communications are just a small part of what we provide, we need to continue to invest and improve on all our systems to make sure we are providing a premium service to our clients, and provide our crews with the best possible tools to do this,” added Walker. “Of particular note is the audio quality of the system, and the ability to talk to multiple user groups or discretely and directly to individual users, which is particularly useful when trying to resolve issues during a busy show environment.”

The Chameleon team noted that the beltpacks are also very lightweight, making them less obtrusive on users and less prone to impact damage.

“GREEN-GO headsets have proven to be very robust, which has been a challenge for us over many years with other brands,” enthused Walker. “Overall, we have found GREEN-GO to be a great comms solution, representing good value for money, suitable for all scales of production, which has provided us a high level of flexibility, but with a simple infrastructure and software system sitting behind it.”

McKinnon concluded: “GREEN-GO also comes with great local support both from a servicing and technical advice perspective and additional products when required. We’re thrilled to have partnered with Chameleon to provide a great system for their touring work here in Australia.”