Chameleon Rental choose CHAUVET Professional for Lake Festival 2023

A circle served as a design motif for the main stage at Lake Festival and encompassed a diverse mix of artists across the three-day festival. LD Anđelko Popić and team at Chameleon Rental opted to build the production design around three concentric circles that expanded outward from the stage’s center.

This arrangement gave designers the freedom to create different settings for the festival’s various acts, allowing them to move from the intimate, when almost all light came from the smaller center sphere, to the more elaborate, when crossing beam patterns from fixtures on different circles created complex patterns.

The Chameleon Rental team anchored its rig with 88 CHAUVET Professional fixtures whilst also using eight Rogue R2X Beam fixtures flown on the smaller center stage circle. Among the many functions that these 231-watt beams were used for at the festival was to create a dramatic ring of light around those artists who performed under the circular truss.

Joining the Rogue R2X Beams on the outer circles were 12 Maverick MK1 Spot fixtures, five of which were position on the second truss and used for downlighting, the remaining joined in creating aerial magic. On the outer circles were 22 Maverick MK2 Wash units, which were used for stage and crowd washing.

Engaging fans further, designers relied on four STRIKE 4 features which were flown across upstage horizontal truss. Creating colourful backgrounds to the down lighting from the overhead fixtures were six COLORado PXL bar fixtures arranged across the upstage deck.

The versatility of this rig was very much needed as the Lake Festival featured a diverse array of acts representing a broad spectrum of music,  each act felt right at home on a stage.