Carrie Sims joins Fireplay to helm West Coast expansion

Carrie Sims joins Fireplay to spearhead the creative design and production company's West Coast expansion.

Carrie Sims has arrived in Los Angeles to spearhead the expansion of Fireplay’s West Coast operations and event division. 

Formerly with BizBash Media, where she headed the D.C. and N.Y. publishing departments, Sims started out with a TSE scholarship provided by Search Foundation, was named among ‘25 young pros to watch’ in Special Events Magazine, and was awarded ‘Event Professional of the Year in 2012’ before  segueing into VP of Programs for International Live Events Association, in 2015.

“Coming aboard Fireplay is a dream opportunity for many reasons, not the least of which is to join a stunning team,” Sims said. “My incentive is totally geared to increase our global profile, and I believe my years building a portfolio and contacts will augment that goal. Yes, I am driven, especially when working with great talent where your heart and work ethic resonate, and I am excited to join a passionate team of visionaries and storytellers that transport audiences into inspiring and memorable human-centred experiences.”  

CEO Nick Whitehouse, a UK native, is excited for his company’s future. “Carrie Sims is family. Her goals and talent align with a heart of gold and unstoppable energy. Something that I am confident will allow Fireplay to keep its momentum making unforgettable memories for our valued clients.”

Whitehouse founded Fireplay after 20 years touring with some of the biggest bands and tours in the business. Fireplay team produce everything from Superbowls to private events, memorialising some of the key moments of the live events calendar each year.