Carlos Mosquera joins HOLOPLOT as Senior Project Engineer

HOLOPLOT has appointed Carlos Mosquera as Senior Project Engineer in the Customer Success department. Based in California, Carlos’ role will initially focus on US region projects for HOLOPLOT’s ground-breaking X1 Matrix Array’s deployment across all sectors, bringing his knowledge of immersive environments and spatial audio applications to the fore.

Mosquera is enjoying the new challenges his role at HOLOPLOT brings. “When the X1 system was demoed to me, it was mind-blowing,” he says. “I was sure that I could use the experience I have from both my professional and personal activities to help develop it even further.” He emphasises that HOLOPLOT is an exciting company to be part of, with a vibrant culture, cutting-edge technology, and a distinct mindset.

“As a Senior Project Engineer, my role is nothing short of thrilling. X1 has a lot to offer for live entertainment and immersive projects alike and I look forward to bringing this innovative technology to new and exciting applications,” he continues. “Right now, the first and foremost project for me is helping to make sure that the MSG Sphere music and entertainment arena in Las Vegas sounds exceptional. We have thousands of X1 cabinets installed in Sphere, so the atmosphere is bound to be electrifying.”

Born in Venezuela, Mosquera has been passionate about music from a young age that saw him pursue a musical education, graduating with a B.A. in Sound Technology from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) in the U.K.

After graduating, Mosquera immersed himself in music and sound technologies, working with esteemed organisations such as the L.A. Philharmonic, The Colburn School of Music, The Herb Albert School of Music at UCLA, and L-Acoustics. In his previous position at L-Acoustics, Mosquera worked as an L-ISA Applications Engineer and then as an Audio Developer for L-Acoustics’ immersive audio technology. His audio engineering expertise has contributed to major shows such as Lorde, Lady Gaga, Childish Gambino, Alt-J, LBO, LA Philharmonic, Deadmau5, Aerosmith, Bon Iver and others. Alongside his professional pursuits, Mosquera is also passionate about utilising technology to serve communities. He developed ‘Guiding Sounds,’ an award-winning positional app for the visually impaired that provides real-time location information without internet connectivity. He also volunteers for, teaching children with serious illnesses about coding and music.

“My goal is to witness people experiencing sound in the way it was meant to be,” Mosquera explained. “I am driven to find new ways to enhance people’s experiences. It’s about enabling people to savour music authentically.

“HOLOPLOT provides a fresh pathway to achieve that. To truly comprehend the transformative power of HOLOPLOT, one must experience it first-hand.”

With his responsibilities also extending to training, content preparation, and exploring integrations with other cutting-edge companies in VR/AR sectors, Mosquera noted that he sees his role as “constantly pushing the boundaries of what our system can achieve. It’s an exhilarating journey that promises innovation and endless possibilities!” he concluded.

Mosquera will be at the HOLOPLOT X1 demos from 13 to 16 June 2023 at Oceaneering in Orlando, you can book your place here: Tuesday 13 June 16:00-18:00; Dark Ride demos Wednesday 14 June to Friday 16 June 10:30-16:00.