Canada’s Westbury National Partners With Adamson

Westbury's Anna Pavlova, Ryan Miljus, Wilf Wagner (Head Systems Tech), Stephane Larose, Daniel Abbey and Alex Hollinger with the new Adamson rig.

Adamson Systems Engineering is pleased to announce that Westbury National Show Systems, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, has joined the Adamson network. The announcement was made by James Oliver, Director of Marketing and Sales for Adamson.

“Westbury has more than 45 years of experience in audio, video, lighting, staging and systems integration,” explained Oliver. “They bring a level of expertise to their growing client base that is invaluable. We are so pleased to have them join our team. I look forward to watching the organisation grow the Adamson brand and reputation in both live and installed sound in Canada.”

Westbury National has offices in both Ottawa and Kingston in addition to their Toronto headquarters. A sizable E-Series rig, consisting of E15 and E12 line array modules as well as E119 and E219 subwoofers, has joined their impressive inventory of other high-end professional audio equipment.

“We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of trends to ensure that our clients benefit from the best possible hardware, software, equipment and processes available,” explained Westbury partner Rob Sandolowich. “I have been very impressed with Adamson products and their reputation is exceptional. We have been using Adamson gear since the ’80s. They design and manufacture the most cutting edge loudspeaker products and are also a Canadian company! I am excited that Westbury can now provide their most recent technology to our customers.”

Sandolowich concluded: “Adamson products are versatile and offer a solution for most applications. We are looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.”