Cameo presents the ORON H2

With the ORON H2, Cameo presents the world’s first IP65 hybrid moving head with a phosphor-laser engine. The ORON H2 is also a sustainable alternative for the upcoming EU ban on discharge lamps from 2027.

The Cameo ORON H2 is based on a 260-watt phosphor laser engine, which acts as a replacement for discharge lamps in the 480-watt class. The laser engine of the ORON H2 has a light output of 330,000 lux at a distance of 20 metres and a minimum beam angle of 0.6°, which is achieved without the use of a beam reducer. The ORON H2 offers an extended zoom range of up to 32° compared to other laser-moving heads on the market.

CMY colour mixing gives users access to the full CMY colour space including white, complemented by linear CTO correction.

The ORON H2 weighs just 32 kg and as an IP65 moving head, the hybrid light is also fully suitable for outdoor use. Users can utilise market-relevant technologies and protocols for control. DMX/RDM, Art-Net, sACN, W-DMX, and CRMX are available.

Daniel Wrase, Cameo Senior Product Manager, commented “Our aim with the ORON H2 is to fulfil the wishes of our customers and to offer a head-mounted light for an extremely wide range of applications. The market has been lacking such a true hybrid light with a future-proof light source, and it’s been missing from the Cameo product portfolio until now.”

Frithjof Rother, Project Manager Light Technology, added “The use of a laser phosphor light source in moving heads marks a significant advance in the evolution of event technology. This innovative technology opens up a wide range of possibilities for creating impressive and immersive events. The future of lighting technology will be significantly influenced by the continuous development and refinement of this technology.”